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Getting Started

At ASP we want to make the process of initiating therapy as simple as possible. Please review the following summaries of information:
  1. Read the overview to understand the categories of services we provide.
  2. Review the Insurance tab, for a summary regarding coverage.
  3. Click on the Forms tab, complete, and submit all forms prior to first visit.


Consultations gather relevant information regarding the client, including any previous evaluations or assessments. A consultation is usually warranted when the client has already been diagnosed and requires treatment. The consultation serves to determine the best approach to the communication needs of the client and to create appropriate treatment goals. 

Schedule a Consultation


A speech-language screening comprises of assessing a child’s articulation, fluency, voice and language and hearing skills to determine if there is a need for further evaluation. Your child may need a speech-language screening if you have concerns regarding the above mentioned areas or is not meeting age expected speech and language developmental milestones. Refer to our FAQ’s to Identify the Signs.

Screenings generally take approximately 15-20 mins and can be provided at your child’s school or our office.  *On-site screenings at the school are provided with a minimum of 5 student’s signed up.


Comprehensive evaluations are conducted when a client has not yet been diagnosed or treated. Evaluations use a combination of standardized testing, parent or client interviews, and informal observation. The process begins with the completion of an intake form, which helps the therapist select appropriate testing materials and provides background information on the client in need of services. The evaluation is then conducted in the client’s home, school, or our office. Assessment results will include recommendations such as whether therapy is warranted, as well as the frequency and length of treatment sessions, and an outlined treatment plan provided in 2 weeks.


Atlanta Speech Pathology therapists provides speech, language, and communication therapy to clients of all ages, building speech and language skills through various programs and techniques, homework activities and family education. Therapy sessions are typically 30 minutes in length, but may be longer depending on needs. To ensure the highest quality of therapy, services are provided on an individual basis and are always accompanied by home practice programs to allow for optimal carry-over of skills learned in each session. Group therapy may be recommended depending on the client’s needs and communicative goals. Atlanta Speech Pathology is committed to implementing evidence-based practices, along with providing parental guidance to maximize therapeutic outcomes, mastery of skills, and long term generalization.