Our Mission + Values - Atlanta Speech Pathology
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Our Mission + Values

Our Mission:

To empower children, adults, and families through personalized services to reach their full potential in all areas of communication, while building self-confidence.


Our value system is centered around excellence. Our core values are the cornerstone in which our practice is aligned: Connectedness, Efficiency & Responsiveness.


At Atlanta Speech Pathology we are connected to you. We give you personalized services and engage with you to understand the goals you wish to conquer. Though we form individualized treatment plans, we realize we are connected to a bigger picture, often collaborating with other professionals to create functional goals, with the ultimate goal of generalization of the acquired skills, beyond your therapy session. At Atlanta Speech Pathology our connectedness is what sustains us as professionals.


At Atlanta Speech Pathology, we make it a point to streamline our intake process for better efficiency initiating therapeutic services. Most often individuals and families, have already had other services and the “process” can be initially daunting with all of the paperwork involved; yet, we strive to reduce any anxiety and lessen the mental load of all that is involved during the duration of services.


At Atlanta Speech Pathology, we understand that you may have questions and concerns that arise throughout the duration of services. We are responsive and will email and/or return your call within a timely manner. We understand that being of great service to you, will make for an enriching experience and facilitate growth towards desired therapy outcomes.